Sunday, November 29, 2009

all those fairy tales that drugged us...

Last night some of my friends decided that a children's book called Where's the Beer (or something along those lines) would be a great idea. For some reason, on the train today, this inspired me to start thinking of fairy tale (okay, Disney, but it can always be expanded) Missed Connections. I highly doubt this is an original idea, but it was fun nevertheless. Here are just a few:

You: Short, with six of your friends (maybe brothers?).
Me: Pale, with lots of red lipstick, eating an apple and surrounded by birds.
You look like you need someone to keep your house clean. Maybe I can be that girl.

You: Waiting for a taxi, wearing perfect glass shoes.
Me: Tall, handsome, exuding charm.
You left a shoe behind. Want it back? Call me!

You: Very hairy, growling at anyone trying to stand near you.
Me: Reading a book, a bit stand-offish.
I'm looking for a man who's not afraid to show his wild side. Let me bring out the best in you!

You: Dark hair, drowning.
Me: Red hair, with a long girl tail.
I want to be part of your world!

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  1. you're a funny moron. I would laugh at this and so would other morons like us. :)

    i always imagine making side story children's books - sort of like Troops (the Star Wars side story movie) but for children's books.