Friday, June 4, 2010

10 Signs of a Post-Grad Summer

1. You set your alarm for 10:30 so you can be "productive," wake up at 11:15, realize you don't really have much to do, get up anyway, and need a nap by 12:45.

2. You kind of relate to a Ke$ha song... and it's not Tik Tok (Note: If you relate at all to any Kes$ha song, it may be time to reevaluate your life. Good time the summer after you graduate is the perfect time for that!).

3. A glance at your bookshelf prompts 45 minutes of Wikipedia-searching about the author of your favorite YA novel, which leads to more internet searching to see if they are in fact making one of her books into a movie. Even though it wasn't your favorite book of hers, this would be the most exciting thing to happen since graduation. (This was followed by hearing Lifehouse's Hanging by a Moment on the radio... Hello, middle school!)

4. Unpacking one suitcase took almost a week, and there's still more to be done.

5. At an awards night for high school seniors, hearing how special the Class of 2010 is makes you simultaneously want to cry, run away, and throw things.

6. Job applications are generally filled out in a 1am frenzy.

7. The absolute last question you want anyone to ask you is what you're doing in the fall, but you can't seem to start a conversation that doesn't somehow bring up next year.

8. Number of daily Perez Hilton visits? Too embarrassing to admit.

9. Your only real summer plans are applying for jobs, studying for the GREs, and growing out your bangs (and reading big books, of course).

10. Coming up with a tenth sign of a post-grad summer is too daunting. So are most other things.


  1. # 7 man... I can't even be introduced without this coming up.

  2. It's seriously impossible! I thought of a few more signs of a post-grad summer, but of course I can't remember them. Maybe: 11. The only thing you can remember is the TV schedule.