Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why I Love Chuck Klosterman

"It is unfair to compare In Utero to Waco. It is unfair to compare Cobain to Koresh. I know that. They are not the same; just because two things happen at the same time doesn't mean they're connected. Babe Ruth's first home run and the premiere of Birth of a Nation both happened in 1915, but that doesn't dictate a relationship, If you stare long enough at anything, you will start to find similarities. The word coincidence exists in order to stop people from seeing meaning where none exists. So, sure, comparing Cobain and Koresh is a little unfair.
Although I'm not sure which one it's unfair to. I feel sorry for both of them. I can see it both ways. That's my problem."

I'm only one chapter into Chuck Klosterman's newest book, and although I can already tell it's definitely not one of his best (but probably better than Killing Yourself to Live), I feel almost like I've come home, literaturely speaking. I may not know anything about sports, and not too much about early-90s bands, and no longer want to be a journalist of any sort, but he will always make it okay to not believe in coincidences and to make grandoise statements about life using pop culture metaphors that really just make the most sense inside your head.

Plus, I'll probably be listening to Nirvana for the next month straight after reading this. Thanks for helping me go back to freshman year of high school, Chuck!

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